Matters of the Home Foundation, inc.
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Contact Us

M.O.T.H. Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 351915
Los Angeles, CA. 90035

Toll free:
(323) 842-5376


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The MOTH Foundation and RESTORATION!

Our mission is to restore and mend homes across America in poverty ridden situations that have been war torn by the fist of domestic violence. The MOTH Foundation is also dedicated to counseling and educating blended families on living in harmony. We offer services to counsel and educate the abuser and the abused to bring about change, forgiveness, reconciliation, understanding, and peace in the home which will promote a feeling of safety for all involved. We want to break the cycle of domestic violence which will produce safety, strong families, restore lives, and mend the broken home.

The acronym MOTH stands for Matters Of The Home.